2 years ago

It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re pleased to say that False Advertising, our debut album is released today.

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Some reviews have also surfaced:

“But it’s the tunes that elevate the whole: the irresistible lead single Wasted Away; the racing scuzz of Dozer (more Teenage Riot than Teen Spirit); the twitching, tempo-shifting Something Better. And with a lyrical endeavour that favours stark, accusatory dialogues over de rigueur rabble-rousing or paltry devotionals, False Advertising emerge as a serious and compelling proposition. Stand down, trading standards – nothing to see here.”

– The Skinny

“In this current climate of fuzzy, grunge ridden rock bands, False Advertising stand out as the genuine article, honest and confident in their knowledge as musicians, songwriters and performers. This is an incredibly honest record both musically and sonically; rich with flavour, character and promise.”

– No Brainer Zine

“False Advertising have produced a corker of a debut album, worthy of investment. This debut LP is top notch stuff, containing some seriously good instrumentation, with well timed, firmly delivered vocals, underpinned by a well oiled, tightly knit rhythm section.”

– Derval McCloat

“The album’s continuing to loop happily during my commute as one of my favourite releases of the year, and I’m hoping that it attracts the audience it undeniably deserves.”

– Pop is Dead

“Fucking sick”

– Fitchpork

“With this full-length offering, the Manchester trio successfully avoid the pitfalls and strip away the glorified pretence of the grunge world into a mould of their own.”

– Already Heard

“It’s one hell of an album, it’s powerful and thoughtful, carefully planed to the last detail from open to close. It’s definitely got a vibe of huge bands from the past in their but all together it sounds so modern”

– Shoplifters Union

“several listens later I’m convinced that it’s an awesome debut from this Manchester-based band. I love the grunge sound and the rawness of the production, sound and diversity of pace. But this also contains some of the strongest rock melodies and instrumentals I’ve heard this year. I can’t wait to see them play live”

– Shakenstir

“This is one hell of a debut.” 10/10

– Unsigned & Independent

We started out on this DIY album journey just over two years ago and can honestly say that it’s been one of the most challenging and exciting experiences of our lives.

Jen, Chris and Josh ⚡️